I spend Sunday mornings meal prepping, and by meal prepping, I mean a bare minimum attempt at making food to eat for the week. It usually includes:

  • egg white frittatas with some chopped up veggies thrown in
  • a big batch of ground turkey that gets seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, S&P (which I then throw on some G Hughes Hickory BBQ sauce or Victoria’s Spicy Marinara)
  • whatever veggies I have (green beans, sweet potatoes, etc) and I generally just throw some Everything But the Bagel seasoning on ’em

When it comes to chicken, I tend to skip it because it grosses me out to have to clean it up. Even the cutlets, or thin sliced chicken breasts, still have these threads of fat throughout them and chewing down on a piece of fat is something I’m not into. BUT I learned a trick! It’s super easy to get those fat pieces out.

All you do is thread the fat piece between the tines of a fork, grab it with a paper towel and pull. I promise you it’s easier than I make it look. I nailed it on my first try but OF COURSE, I wasn’t recording. So I attempted it again and this time it took me :30 seconds.

What are your cooking life hacks?!



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