Just The Tip Tuesday: Fixing A Slippery Shower Caddy

On today’s “Just The Tip Tuesday”, we take a look at an easy life hack for fixing a slippery shower caddy. 

While I absolutely love my new apartment, my shower caddy keeps slipping off the shower head arm/bar (don’t, ok? I’m not a plumber, I speak laymen’s terms!) and each time it did, I wanted to Chad my fist through the drywall. So after a few days of dealing with this, I found a solution: a rubber band! And because I don’t randomly have a rubber bands in my house, I took one right off the bundle of asparagus I had picked up at the store the day before, shout out to them for using pretty purple rubber bands to bundle veggies.

The simple solution: unscrew the shower hand, wrap the rubber band around a few times, and push up so it sits just in front of where the caddy sits.

It’s the little things in life, and they can either drive you nuts or you can find a solution. If only every thing was as easy of a fix as this.






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