Just The Tip Tuesday: Caffeine Edition
Caffeine is a drug but it’s one no one gets mad at you for using, so make sure you’re using it to your advantage. In my travels, there are a few things I’ve learned about caffeine. You should vary your caffeine intake, your body easily adapts to a new baseline (which is why you get caffeine headaches when you pull back). By using different sources of caffeine (like green tea, which has 30-50mg of caffeine per 8oz), you will help your body not become accustomed to a specific amount. There was an entire podcast from Tim Ferriss, one of my favorite podcasters, on this topic from Fall 2018 if you wanted to find out more.
Also, people tend to think espresso has more caffeine than coffee, but here ya go:
•8oz coffee has 95mg
•1oz espresso has 64mg
Caffeine does not kick in immediately. If you’re sleepy, drink caffeine immediately prior to taking a nap. It takes 20 min to kick in, so you’ll wake up naturally and feel more refreshed.
And the final thing to note: There is no “x” is espresso so stop saying it wrong.

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