Just The Tip Tuesday: All The Uses For Silica Gel Packets

You know those little silica gel packets that you get in new purchases? Well, they’re there to help keep excess moisture and condensation out, which means they have a TON more uses. Here are some other places you can throw them:

  • Throw them in your gym bag and you can prevent bacteria or mold from growing. It also gets rid of nasty odors.
  • Put some of these in your toolbox — they will keep your tools free of rust.
  • You can preserve your old photos and books using them.
    • For photographers: Put some pockets in camera bag
  • Forget about rice, put a wet phone or other electronic devices in silica.
  • They can help keep your makeup bag fresh. Also put them in with your jewelry so it won’t tarnish as quickly.
  • If you ever have to pack moist clothes, especially when you are on holiday, just put some of these packets into the luggage.
  • You’ll never have to wait for your windshield to clear up in the mornings again. Just put few silica sachets under your windshield. They will absorb the moisture, leaving your windshield clear.
  • Keep Dry Goods Dry – it can help keep foods like dried herbs, bread crumbs, crackers, and anything else that should be kept as crispy as possible from getting soggy. So, you can put some silica gel bags in the food wardrobe
  • Keeps the razor blades-sharp edges from rusting and dulling very well.


A reminder that while they’re non-toxic, you CANNOT EAT THESE! You know there’s at least one person who needed to hear that.

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