Just Call Me Sailor Sadie

Me and my adorable hubby, the Naval officer.

So last week we started our 2 Truths and a Sweet Little Lie contest, so I made an example video:

You guys took my poll to guess my lie, but most of you couldn’t. Some of you didn’t even think I did some of the things I said I did. Well, here are my truths and my lie:

  1. I did shoot a water slug out of the torpedo tube. In fact, I was the first to volunteer to do it!

  2. I did jump off the side of a submarine into the Atlantic Ocean, where there was no land for miles.

  3. I did NOT go to periscope depth. We sailed out into the Atlantic on top of the water.

I also got my mini-dolphins, which makes me an honorary crew member of the USS Boise. Check out pics from that day. This was in 2015.


Getting my mini Dolphins from my hubby!
The hubby’s submarine


Swim call! Swimming in the middle of nowhere- you can see me because I have pink hair!
Standing on the sail, the highest point of the sub




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