Johnson Told Not To Talk About AC/DC

Brian Johnson is being tight-lipped about AC/DC.

In a new interview, the AC/DC singer was asked if he and his bandmates will ever play live again. Johnson said, “I’m not answering that. Why should I? First of all, there’s five members in this band, and to ask one member isn’t fair.”

He was then asked if he personally would like to play with AC/DC again, and said, “I cannot answer that. I’ve been told not to by everybody. It’s the official line. If I say one thing, it’ll be blown out of all proportion. You just can’t afford to talk now. There’s too much blabber on the Internet. And I’m not on any kind of Face-thing or social media at all — never have been. It’s just gossip.”

Who would you like to see sing with AC/DC permanently if Johnson can’t/won’t?