Johnny Knoxville Is Being Sued for a Prank He Pulled for His New Show

Johnny Knoxville and his buddies love to torment each other.  But not everyone likes to be the butt of the joke.  Johnny is being sued over a prank he pulled on a handyman for his new show “The Prank Patrol”.

Khalil Khan was called to a home to fix an electric dimmer switch.  When he got there, the “owner” told him he knew jiu-jitsu, and would beat Khan up if he didn’t do it right.

Within minutes, a young girl ran into the room screaming that Khan had killed her pony.  She and the homeowner led him to a room where there appeared to be a pony on LIFE SUPPORT.

Supposedly, he had cut the power to the machine and the pony died.

Khan then looked outside and saw that his car was being towed. When he took out his phone to call the cops, one of the towing guys held up a bag of white powder.  He said that if Khan called the police, he would be arrested for possession of cocaine.

By this point, Khan was in a panic.  His lawsuit says, quote, “In the span of just minutes, he had been threatened with being beaten up, told he botched the repair job, accused of murdering a pony…

“Had his car taken without his permission, and was now being told that he would be arrested for possession of illicit narcotics.”

That’s when Johnny came out and revealed that the whole thing was a prank.  He offered Khan “a few hundred dollars,” but that wasn’t gonna do it.

Khan says he was traumatized by the ordeal, and has suffered a lack of sleep, anxiety, and emotional distress.  And he’s worried that if the footage ever goes public, he’ll be subjected to harassment and ridicule.

There’s no word how much he’s suing for.

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