I have always loved Steven Tyler, especially after I met him, but this… this just brings tears to my eyes…
On Monday, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was in Memphis for the grand opening of ‘Janie’s House’, a home for women and girls who are victims of abuse.
At a ‘scarf-cutting’ ceremony on Monday, Tyler says opening the home “does my heart and my soul good”.
The house, named for Aerosmith’s 1989 song “Janie’s Got A Gun”, will help up to 30 women each year by providing a therapy and a place to stay. Tyler has previously opened a Janie’s House in Atlanta in 2017.
This is such a beautiful thing to do, and I am thankful that he has used his fame for something that really matters. Thank you Steven. You’ll always be a legend in my eyes, not only for your music, but for your soul as well.

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