It’s Been Almost 3 Months Since I’ve Done THIS

Look, I know there is a lot going on right now…

A LOT. And I’m working on accepting and pivoting. It’s good to hit road bumps every now and then. Fine. I accepted that we’re in a pandemic and that things had to shut down. I pivoted to home workouts, utilizing resistance bands and body weight, and playground equipment outside. But whewww, that lack of gym time felt like a punishment.

It’s been almost 3 months since I stepped foot into a gym, and fitness is a big part of my life. Yes, it’s the physical benefits. It feels good to hits PRs, to sweat, to push myself. Obviously, I like when my clothes aren’t as tight and my jeans aren’t leaving lines in my belly! Really my goal is to have a good enough body that I can stop working on my personality.

But what I missed most is the mental benefit I get from working out.

My 90 minutes in the gym acts as a moving meditation. It allows me to work through anger and frustration. It helps me focus, provides at outlet for anxiety and nervous energy. Working out also shows me that much of my resistance is doubt that I can do something. Pushing past those mental barriers increases my confidence…annnd sometimes it just shows me that I *really can’t* do something.

I just listened to an IG live of one of my favorite authors, Beau Lotto, who focuses on perception (check out his book Deviate). In it he talked about how a healthier physiology allows for healthier perceptions. The gym is a place that forces me to pay attention, it forces me to be mindful, and it puts me in a better space both mentally and physically.

So I tell you all this, because 1) I really just wanted to show my flex, but also, because 2) damn, this pandemic has been crazy, right? It’s scary, and stressful, and exhausting, and we go through so much of our life on auto-pilot that stopping and having to think about every little thing we do is torture. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve stepped in a gym and I was concerned that I would be concerned. The gym was clean. People were working out in their own spaces. I felt safe. It felt great. And now, I’m right back in the saddle.

Now go have a beer, I will be later.

Currently drinking: Siera Nevada Hazy Little Thing.

Siera Nevada Hazy Little Thing

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