A Washington man is behind bars after accidentally shooting himself in his “boys” … and then unintentionally dropping drugs out of his rear-end. Twice.

Cameron Wilson’s troubles began April 5th, when he blasted himself in the privates while attempting to remove a small pistol from his front pocket, police say. While undergoing surgery, a marijuana-filled balloon slipped out of his butt and landed on the operating table. Here’s what I don’t understand: weed is LEGAL in Washington. Why was he hiding it in his bum??

Doctors called the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, prompting deputies to search Wilson’s car. In it, they found a bag of meth in the jeans he was wearing when he shot himself. Of course they did. Cameron! Get it together!!

After waiting until the 27-year-old recovered, deputies charged Wilson with unlawful gun and meth possession. Late last month, he turned himself in and was strip-searched — which is when another balloon filled with weed fell out of his anus. Oh Cameron… Possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility was added to his list of charges. Then, to make matters worse, he was also charged with witness tampering after he was recorded telling his girlfriend not to cooperate with authorities.

I hope this guy gets his act together. It sounds like a string of bad luck, but really, he’s done it to himself… numerous times!