I kept seeing stuff pop up on my Facebook feed about Marie Kondo and her Netflix show Tidying Up. I’m not usually someone to start watching a show because it’s a fad, but this one intrigued me. We have been on a purging kick recently, and I wanted to see if she had any tips on organizing and making the process less overwhelming. She did not disappoint.

I have only watched one episode so far, but it really inspired me to get in my room and get rid of a ton of my clothes. Her whole thing is joy- if you hold onto an object and it doesn’t bring you joy, you should get rid of it. I wasn’t buying into her thing at first, but then when I actually started doing it, it worked. Now there were some clothes that I need in my drawers that don’t bring me joy necessarily, but I have to keep them because I need them, like work out clothes. They’re utilitarian and there’s no point in getting rid of work out pants if they fit just because they don’t bring me joy. But there were other clothing items that I was just holding on to for no reason, so I put them in a box and I’ll be making a huge Goodwill donation later this week.

You can see in my video that I did a lot of what Marie calls the “triangle fold.” It takes a little practice to master, but I tell you what- my drawers look amazing and it’s SO much easier to find things now! By the way, one of those drawers is NOTHING but concert t-shirts. Some day I want to make a quilt with them, but for now they’re in my drawer and getting worn pretty regularly.

Now I will say, Marie does some unconventional things like thanking her clothes when she gets rid of them. I got rid of a mountain of clothes, and I just couldn’t bring myself to say “thanks knitted sweater I bought in 2003. I appreciate the time we spent together. Enjoy your new home!” That was a little too much for me. But I do appreciate the inspiration and tips the show gave me. I’ll definitely be binging the rest of the season this week. Happy folding!


Here’s a video of Marie folding clothes if you want to start triangle folding your clothes:


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