Twitter has a new idea…They want you to watch the game, but not the whole game.  Just one player.

At CES yesterday Twitter announced a deal with the NBA and Turner Sports that will let Twitter users vote on a player to watch for part of the game in an isolated camera feed.

Twitterati watching Thursday night games on TBS would be given the chance to vote during the first half for a player to watch in isolation on Twitter in the second half.

No announcers, full shots of the team or crowd…Just the focus on one player.

This experiment begins in February and will last for the 20 Thursday night games that follow.

Might be something fun…Cool way to interact.  Maybe a cool way to leverage another sneaker or apparel deal for the players.

Or…I’m just thinking out loud here.  It might be the way to watch a very talented athlete in a human moment scratch innappropriately or get rid of an offending booger.

Call me a pessimist…I’m betting you get more than one such moment in 20 games.