Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl teams up with his new friends Big Bird and Elmo in a new clip from Sesame Street to sing the “Here We Go Song” while traveling the U.S. to meet friends.
Saying that he’s happy to be hanging out with his two new friends, Grohl tells Big Bird and Elmo that there are friends all over America “we just haven’t met yet” before the trio sing while traveling the country.
Dave, we haven’t met yet, but I guarantee, we’d be friends. That is, after I stopped crying… I have this fantasy that I meet him, and I’m totally cool and contain all of my excitement, but I know in reality, that I would probably break down and cry like an idiot and be so uncool that he’d walk away shaking his head and I’d ruin my chance to be his next wife… Oh well. It will probably never happen anyway, but I like to dream about it pretty frequently.

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