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I’ll Take One Italian Island Please

My dream is to move to Italy and live out the rest of my days eating fresh pasta, drinking wine, and living the European lifestyle! Guess what? I could have my own island in Sicily. My dream might not be as far-fetched as you think.
Isola delle Femmine is up for sale. The Italian island has current offers at $1.1 million.
The island has a crumbling stone tower, so it’s a fixer-upper, but I’d live in a tent if I needed to! It’s uninhabited (introverts rejoice!) but also part of a protected marine area. The snorkeling and scuba diving are fantastic. Yes please. I’ll have to learn how to do those things, but I think I could afford to buy lessons if I had the money to buy the island.
The original price was too high for me, I have to admit. The current range is $1 to 3 million with a lot of room for negotiation. I’ll give you $1 for that island kind sir.
Do you think Amazon will deliver out there?

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