If you’ve ever thrown out your back while reaching for a french fry or tore your hamstring playing hacky sack, you’re not alone.
Super 70s Sports asked on Twitter for followers to share the “dumbest freak injury” of their lives and it turns out many have hurt themselves in unusual ways.
One commenter admitted to burning his chest by ironing a shirt he was still wearing, while another dislocated a shoulder by pulling a six-pack ring apart.
Dropping a frozen turkey and smashing a toe? It’s there. So is breaking a rib while hunting Pokemon and fracturing a foot by falling out the front door.
Some of my dumb injuries have probably been throwing my back out by sneezing or getting out of the car, or tearing up my shin by falling UP the stairs. But I’d have to say the dumbest is when I was on skates at a roller derby practice and I messed up my tailbone. I’m pretty sure I broke it actually. No one, and I mean NO ONE, was near me. I was on my toe stops and my ankle either gave out or I just bent the wrong way and I slammed my tailbone into the metal plate on the bottom of my skate. I have never felt that amount of pain in my life, and I’ve given birth. That injury took months to heal, and it sucked.

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