If You Want To Live Forever, Drink Beer & Garden

Lots of people have tips for living past 100. Some say eat right, while others say drink daily… We’ll get to one such person in a minute. Now one researcher seems to have his own idea.
Dan Buettner visited parts of the globe where people are known for their longevity and noticed that they all have something in common.
Apparently, each of the communities counts avid gardeners among them, doing so well into their 80s and 90s.
Building on top of previous studies, Buettner believes that having a green thumb can prolong your life, as gardening has a destressing effect, while also keeping you active. I thin doing anything active will keep you younger longer.  

Now, on to the beer drinker… Andrew E. Slavonic claims the secret to his longevity is drinking Coors Lite every day. When Coors Light found that out, they jumped at the opportunity to celebrate another year around the sun with him.
The beer giant rolled up to the WWII vet’s Pennsylvania home with a Coors Light-branded fridge full of cold ones, plus tons of gear like shirts and hats.
Coors then gifted the 101-year-old and his son a trip to the brewery, something the younger Slavonic called, “a once in a lifetime experience.”
Slavonic’s daily ritual is a Coors Light at 4 pm, which he doesn’t plan on skipping when he arrives in Golden, Colorado, saying, “That’s the most important one.”

I don’t have a ritual I do every day, but maybe I need to get one. Like eating a bag of Funyuns. Then when I’m 100 years old I can say “a bag of Funyuns a day keeps death away.” I think this is a good plan. Fool-proof even. 

Here’s a video of Andrew:




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