I’d Be Less Worried About Your Eye, & More Worried About Your Tongue

Remember the scene in the movie A Christmas Story where a boy sticks his tongue on a pole on a cold winter day? Well, after seeing the movie, an Illinois boy put the idea to the test, because young boys make poor life choices. Trust me, I know; I have 2 teenage boys.

11-year-old Spencer Cline saw the movie and decided to try sticking his tongue to a pole while sled-riding near his home. Guess what? It got stuck. The 6th-grader told People that he started to panic when he quickly realized the re-creation of the movie scene had gone horribly wrong. “I tried to pull it back,” he says. “It just stuck on there.” After roughly 10 attempts to yank his frozen tongue off the metal pole, Spencer’s 12-year-old friend went to get help.

After being stuck for 6 minutes, he made one last yank and tore his tongue from the pole. The results weren’t pretty, as you can imagine. The boy says his mouth was filled with blood. “I’m pretty sure some of my taste buds are still on the pole.” At least he has a sense of humor…

My solution: warm to hot water to “defrost” the tongue. Seems smart to me, but he’s an 11-year-old boy… I’m sure his common sense meter wasn’t working well, since he decided to do this at all!

Luckily, Spencer didn’t require a trip to the hospital and had pizza at home with his family that night.

Spencer added “I’m not ever going to do that again. You think that would be fun, but it’s not.”

Uh, no Spencer, I don’t think it would be fun. Hard pass for me.




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