This outrages me. If you agree to pay someone for a service, you pay them for that service. Granted, $16 an hour is high, but that was the agreement. This mom is extremely rude and stingy.
This mom thought that for 8 hours of watching her kids that free ice cream and a “day of fun” was enough for payment. This babysitter was not having it. I wouldn’t either. My kids really are easy, but guess what: that babysitter took 8 hours out of her day to watch your kids, regardless of how easy they are. She still had to care for them, feed them, maybe change some diapers. Heck, there could have been an emergency.
The babysitter contacted the mom the next day for her payment of $128. They agreed on $16 an hour. The mom claimed that was never the arrangement.
The babysitter sent her the screenshot of their conversation where it clearly states $16 an hour.
The mom responds that she “deletes her text messages.”
The mom says that the babysitter is “acting stuck up” and can she just give her $20?
The mom refuses to pay the $128 saying that her kids are, “easy.” The babysitter responds that is not the issue. The agreed upon an amount was $16 an hour and she has books to pay for.
The mom’s last response before blocking the babysitter was, “I wish I didn’t have such a stuck up c— watching my kids, I’m going to block you now. Do not contact me again.” Super uncalled for.
UPDATE: The babysitter got ahold of the dad and she was paid the $128. Way to go Dad!

Sister sent me this…she was blocked immediately after from r/ChoosingBeggars

Check out the Buzzfeed article with all the texts HERE


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