I…I have questions

Ok…It’s a late night and your out with what my mother used to refer to as your hoodlum friends.

What are you doing?  Shooting the breeze, playing with guns and dumpster diving behind a strip club in North Charleston

When the really very predictable happens…One of you get shot.

So what do you do?  Why of course you run across the road to McDonalds and claim that you were shot in a robbery.

Then what happens…The North Charleston Police Department figures out you’re lying.

North Charleston Police say the man actually shot himself when he and a friend started playing with a handgun behind Generation X Cabaret, a strip club on on Cross County Road.

The victim and three others said they had been going through the strip club’s dumpster when the gun play started, per police.

So I have questions:

  1. Why…were you playing with a gun?
  2. Why were you dumpster diving behind a strip club
  3. What did you expect to find in the dumpster behind the strip club?  Besides some discarded sadness perhaps?
  4. Why lie to police about it?

So yeah…If somebody can get me the answers to the questions I’d appreciate it.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.



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