In a video that’s gone viral, a beautiful bride marches up the aisle and takes her place next to husband-to-be — just before she tells him about the “dump” she’d just taken.


Although it’s unclear when the video was shot, it’s unlikely the unidentified woman will ever forget the TMI moment. After she leans in to tell the groom, “I took a really big dump right before I came down the aisle,” he responds, “What the hell is wrong with you?” When he adds, “The videographer heard what you just said,” the camera zooms in on her horrified face as she mutters, “Oh, God.”

Naturally, the clip has garnered hundreds of online comments. One person wrote, “I have not stopped laughing at this,” while another commented, “This is how forever starts.” Even the groom got in on the action, writing, “I married a pretty awesome lady. There isn’t much worse she could have said, is there? It’s funny every time.”

You know what? Starting out the marriage with complete honesty… I think these crazy kids will make it.



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