How To Protect Your Pet On The 4th Of July

As we get ready for Independence Day, it’s time to think about keeping your pet safe. Fireworks freak out pets and that’s why more lost pets are reported on July 4th than any other day. Here are some tips so you don’t have to go through the heartbreak of a missing furbaby.

  • Play the sounds of fireworks or thunderstorms to get them used to what they sound like. It helps desensitize the sound and allows your pet to familiarize itself with the noise. Gradually increase the volume over time. This works best if it is started months in advance.
  • Create a special room where the animal can hide and feel safe. The most soundproof room in the house or apartment is ideal. Put toys and other familiar things in the room. Pets hide in small, private areas when they’re scared.
  • Use calming aids like a special shirt that hugs the pet or even natural supplements like CBD. Sometimes these products work and sometimes they don’t. Every pet is different.
  • Consult your veterinarian if anxiety issues are severe to see if pharmaceuticals may be needed to help your pet.

If you’re traveling for the holiday with your pet:

  • It’s important to take your pet to different places when they travel in your car. If you only take your pet in the car when they go to the vet, they will believe they are on their way there. Show them that they can ride in the car and they won’t get prodded or poked.
  • Car motion can cause sickness in some pets, as they can face a variety of directions. Get them an antianxiety car seat, which can help them sit comfortably. Make sure the pet is securely attached to a seat belt.
  • Give your pet time at a rest area, just as you do for yourself. Allow plenty of bathroom breaks and stops at the beginning of the trip, especially if they love to explore. Each stop will get them excited to discover something new.
  • Got a food-motivated fur ball? Give them lots of treats!

Source: Columbus Dispatch