How to Get Your Tax Refund As Fast As Possible This Year

It’s February 15th, which means we’re just two months from Tax Day.  I was going to say “exactly two months” but Tax Day is April 18th this year because the 15th is Emancipation Day, which is a legal holiday in D.C.  But BASICALLY two months.

Anyway, the word is:  Tax season is going to be a mess this year.  I guess there’s an IRS staffing shortage or supply chain issue too.  So if you want to get your refund fast, you’re going to need to be strategic.

Here are four tips to get your refund as fast as possible this year:


1.  File ASAP.  Instead of waiting at least another month . . . or two . . . knock out your filing now, before everyone else.


2.  Use e-filing.  Don’t mail in your tax forms . . . instead, use electronic filing.  The IRS says e-filing can get you a refund within 21 days . . . at least twice as fast as if you use the mail.


3.  Don’t make any mistakes.  Obviously getting audited is bad and will CLEARLY slow down your refund.  But even having a few minor mistakes can slow things down if the IRS has to check them against their records.


4.  Request direct deposit.  If you let the IRS just dump your refund into your bank account instead of asking for a check, you can get your refund sooner.

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