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When it comes to “neighbors from hell” who’s worse: the person playing music too loud or the one dropping fireworks like their bombs on said person?

Regardless of who you think is worse in this situation, having a $h!tty neighbor can make your life a living hell. I’ve lived a lot of places, 9 states and too many different apartments or houses to keep track of, and for a majority of my neighbors have been chill. However, there were two neighbors, both in Delaware, that were ridiculous to live next to. Let me explain.

I moved to Dover, DE for a radio gig in 2013. One Saturday afternoon, I was in my living room watching a movie, when someone knocks on my door, opens it and places a kitten inside my apartment quickly shutting the door.. “What the hell?” I think to myself and I pick up the kitten and open the door. And then I see.

It was a cop and they had just tased my neighbor. He was laid out in the breezeway and his girlfriend stood in their doorway, half-crying and half-talking. I shut the door and spent a half hour playing with the kitten until the cops took the guy and left. The final straw was coming home from a 48 hour radio-thon for AI Dupont Hospital for Children, to find a yellow notice taped my neighbor’s door, that stated their apartment was “unfit for habitation.” It turns out there was trash and feces all over their apartment. Cigarette butts everywhere. Also, some methane tanks. No idea. Didn’t ask. I moved. Which brings to the 2nd group of terrible neighbors.

I moved 25 minutes south to Harrington, to an apartment that looked like Patrick Swayze’s place in Road House. It was in the middle of 7 acres, surrounded by corn fields and one of the most peaceful places I had ever lived. Until my upstairs neighbors moved in. There were rude right from the start. They would cut across my patio but ignore me when I said “hello“. Like dude, we’re in the middle of a cornfield and you’re not going to acknowledge the other human being?! They’d walk past my open windows at midnight with their phone on speakerphone. They’re niece or granddaughter (whoever she was) would run back and forth for hours. It was ridiculous.

So, when we see a video of a person being so fed up because their neighbor is playing loud music that they drop fireworks on them, let’s just say: understandable.

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