How Can You Nicely Ask People to Observe Social Distancing?

Social distancing still might not come easily to everyone. When you see someone getting closer, the Los Angeles Times suggests these polite ways to ensure people keep a safe physical distance.

  • Focus on being friendly. Rather than being confrontational, you might say something like “I’m sorry, I’m trying to stay six feet away, Can you step back a bit?”
  • Borrow authority. Tell them the store you’re in wants you to stay apart or that the CDC wants you be a certain distance away.
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume they know how far away they should be. Be as gracious as possible.
  • Be the one to move. If you can be the one to get out of the way, do so.
  • Model good behavior. Show people that you’re willing to be considerate of their space too.