Bloomberg sat down with Laura P Davidson to break down the latest round of stimulus checks. Find out what you can expect & when!

Now back to my regularly scheduled existential crisis:

Money is a made up concept, the economy is made up, everything is a lie…anyway, I digress. While the pandemic has hit some really hard, for others it’s been a time of saving money and paying off debt. I just recently read that billions of dollars of credit card debt has been paid off (no I don’t have a direct link, you can google it if you’re interested).

The average single person who’s made under $75k has received $3,200 (with this upcoming check included). So if you’re in the middle of “just surviving” and “damn, I am THRIVING,” what did you do with your stimmy money? Did it go to bills or to a “treat yourself” dinner or massage?

What did you spend your stimmy money on?

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