A few months ago, my boyfriend made me watch “Over The Top” because he said it was “the best arm wrestling movie.” And I don’t know how many arm wrestling movies there are, but I can tell you, this ain’t it. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly about men being attracted to that kid…I have concerns. Either way, ever look back on a movie and wonder if it’s ACTUALLY good or if it’s just nostalgia talking?  Here’s a list of movies that readers over at LifeHacker.com believe haven’t held up:

1.  “The Goonies”,  1985 . . . “People give [it] a pass on its racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, and homophobia . . . it’s insulting to Italian-Americans, Asian-Americans, Latinx individuals, women, and people with physical and mental disabilities.”


2.  “The Breakfast Club”,  1985 . . . “Ducky [from ‘Pretty in Pink’] is pretty damn toxic.  But everything about ‘Breakfast Club’ is worse.”


3.  “Ghostbusters”,  1984 . . . “The entire Venkman-Dana arc is super problematic and creepy, with Venkman stalking her, barging into her apartment, and generally not taking no for an answer.”


4.  “Forrest Gump”,  1994 . . . “Not only is it a bad and boring movie with no story and no interesting characters, it relies on double nostalgia . . . nostalgia for the time periods depicted in the movie as well as the regular nostalgia for when you saw it the first time.”


5.  “The NeverEnding Story”,  1984 . . . “[It’s] less fantastic and more boring than you remember, and the horse dies earlier than you think.”


6.  “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”,  1994 . . . “The overt transphobia of the final act really does not hold up, and knowing it’s coming makes it damn near impossible to enjoy the first two acts.”  (This scene.)

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