A mental health day can be had.  We’ve all needed one from time to time.

But going full Office Space for 15 years is another. 

Italian police said that a hospital employee in Catanzaro, Italy’…Right there on the toe of the boot…skipped work in 2005 and never returned.

Much like Office Space he basically did and “I don’t wanna”.

Remarkably though he’s been paid ever since.

The frankly nosy authorities are now investigating allegations that he intimidated a supervisor into keeping quiet, and after she left the absence went unnoticed.

The workers dream come true scam was discovered as part of a wider fraud probe.

The authorities allege that the now-66-year-old collected some $647,000 in unearned paychecks over the 15 years.

Investigators are also looking into the activities of six hospital managers.

You’re 66…You’ve been living your best life for 15 years since you were 41…Totally worth it.