Dave Grohl turns 50 years old today. It’s hard to believe for several reasons:

  1. If he’s 50, that means I’m getting close to 50…
  2. He still acts like he’s in his 20s.
  3. He doesn’t look 50; I’d totally marry him if we were both single. In fact, he’s on my “top 5” list of celebrities I could go on a date with. It’s like a free fantasy pass for couples.
  4. It doesn’t feel like he’s been around that long, but when you think about it, he’s been a staple in the rock scene since 1990- that’s almost 30 years.

Yet, here we are. Dave is the big 5-0. Only 5 years away from getting his AARP card. Sigh. Well Happy Birthday Dave Grohl! I hope you live another 50 years, and you rock every single one of them!

In more Dave Grohl news:

Everyone is talking about Dave Grohl falling off the stage after chugging a beer during the Foo Fighters set at CES last week. But more really should be said about Jay from Bombay.

Jay was invited on The Joint at Hard Rock in Las Vegas stage by Grohl, where the pair drank champagne and jammed out on a cover of The Faces’ “Stay With Me”.

Of course Jay isn’t the rocker that Dave is, and nearly took out the drum set while climbing on top of it. (Go to 8:19 in the featured video to see the moment)

Grohl played along well, joking with the crowd, “His ass is so fired, I don’t know who he works for,” then adding, “How the f**k are we gonna top Jay from Bombay? It ain’t gonna happen.”


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