The stories continue to pour in about people’s experience being stranded on I-95 for hours on Monday. There’s one everyone is laughing over, and that’s the news drone capturing this man on camera just as he got out of his car to relieve himself.

But some aren’t as funny. A man named Andrew Peters flew from San Francisco to D.C. on Monday, and ordered an Uber from the airport. He was on his way to Richmond, Virginia, which was already a long Uber ride, about 120 miles.  But he hadn’t heard about the traffic jam, and neither had his driver apparently.  So they ended up stuck in it for NINE HOURS.

At first, Uber only charged him $200, which is what he was quoted.  But then they upped it to $600 after he got dropped off.  Their terms and conditions say your fare can change if your trip takes longer than expected.  It’s to make sure drivers don’t get screwed.  But Andrew thinks it’s excessive, and wants Uber to give him a break.

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