Guitarist says he Doesn’t Have Plans after KISS Completes Farewell Tour

When KISS wraps up their 47-year career at the conclusion of their “End of the Road” tour, the band’s members will have some well-deserved time off to tackle the plethora of projects that have built up over the years.
While that might work out for three of the band’s members, Tommy Thayer admits he’s not sure what he’s going to do with his newfound time once he removes his makeup. “I don’t really know exactly what my plans are at the end of this,” the guitarist says. “I don’t really know.”
That said, Thayer goes on to mirror bandmate Gene Simmons’ clandestine comment that KISS will “not go away” after the tour ends in July 2021. “The band is not gonna tour, but the KISS music, the identities and the characters and the brand and the merchandise — that will all continue on,” he says. “I think that KISS will continue on in some way. I can’t imagine it not.”
Does it sound like the members of KISS expect to remain popular after they break up? Does this mean they’ll continue releasing new music, but not go out on tour anymore?

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