Google Now Lets People Under 18 Or Their Parents Request To Delete Photos From Search Results

Google has announced that now anyone under the age of 18, or their guardians, can request their personal images be deleted from search results.

The new option is a step towards combating possible negative effects on kids from having their images appear in search results. Google reminds everyone that this doesn’t mean the images aren’t still out there on the internet, this is simply removing them from the search results. Finally, Google doing something I can get on board with!

On an unrelated note, what’s interesting to me is how deeply involved Google really is with your life. I was listening to a podcast and in it, they discussed how Google can detect Parkinson’s earlier than any current test because it has been tracking massive amounts of data regarding your movement with the mouse. Think about it…for anyone who does any kind of computer work (myself included), Google has YEARS and hours upon hours worth of mouse movement. It’s absolutely incredible. But all of it starts to seem very…intrusive? And I wonder when we, the masses, will start to see how constant access, via social media & the web, and constant tracking, truly affects us.



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