Tom Brady he has taken an unfair share of Super Bowls, his wife is a model and generally speaking he’s an awful human being…I don’t know this…I’m just guessing

In addition to all the above he’s also scoring all the GOAT emoji







[GOAT: Greatest of All Time]

“When he led the Patriots to their overtime win last week, New Englanders spent the next day sending hundreds of thousands of tweets with an emoji of a goat.”

“There was only one time in the history of Twitter when the goat emoji was more popular.

That was the dreaded day after the Patriots came from behind to win the Super Bowl in 2017 over they Falcons.

“On any given day, there are roughly 40,000 tweets with the goat emoji, according to Twitter data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

There were 333,665 tweets with the goat emoji the day after Mr. Brady’s last Super Bowl win. The uptick of goat emojis amounted to a nearly 750% increase.”

Let’s see if the numbers go up again on Sunday.