Give me a Throne…A throne worthy of a king…Or the dude that brings your packages

So we talked about Amazon and their peeing problem.

Their drivers have nowhere or no time to go and thus they resort to an old trucker trick…Peeing in a bottle.

I have done this on a cross country trip…We could have stopped but didn’t want to and we were dudes and 20 something.

It’s not fun or easy (especially not with your 2 best friends in the front seat making jokes) and then what to do with the eeesh warm bottle.

Well for every problem these days there is an answer…Throne.

Throne is a “digital” company with some physical assets.   Their pitch is they install a bathroom that is private, has a porcelain toilet and sink and is kept immaculate.

How do you keep street people from sleeping in it and generally people from making a mess?  You access it with your cellular phone.

Their website and app allows you to reserve your space in their Throne rooms and the building (about the size of an old drive through photomat) will only unlock for you via your phone at the reserved time.  They say “We hold it so you don’t have to”.

I like this idea…If you want to be the most popular stop on the Fed Ex/UPS/Amazon guys route…Hosting a nice clean bathroom for them to use would be a good start.

You can check out the pitch at