Holiday Gift Ideas For that Rocker On Your List

It’s hard to beat The Jelly of the Month Club. After all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long. But what about the rocker in your life who is allergic to……..jelly? Well never fear because I have assembled 3 different gifts guaranteed to make your musicophile (yes that’s a word) go wild!

Nuttin But A Hound Dog

For $80, your favorite pup lives forever as the Bedazzled King….portrait style. Most worthy of being hung above the toilet.

Your party friends could care less that you’ve never played guitar in your life. It’s all about them drinking every beer you’ve got in this Marshall Amp Fridge. A mere $399. Plus the beer.

Cat Scratchin Fever

I just realized that this gift list seems to be animal friendly. But how can you say no to this Cat Scratchin DJ Deck complete with a customized turntable featuring your cat’s name? $30 to $50 but a small price to pay to keep your famous feline, DJ Puss meow mixin’! Hold it, your cat’s name is Puss???