A British couple started off a whirlwind of a relationship last week, going from strangers to lovers to cellmates in just a few hours.
The pair had met less than a half day earlier while waiting to catch a long haul bus between Blackpool and Plymouth.
Allegedly sometime after 10 pm, the couple stripped off their clothes and started engaging in adult activities, in full view of the other passengers.
Police caught up to the bus along the highway, arresting the 32-year-old woman and 29-year-old man on the side of the road, taking them into custody.
My husband and I have a similar story, minus the bus ride, the public whoopie, and going to jail.
We met May 28th, 2003, went on our first date on June 1, and we were married August 22 of the same year, a mere 83 days after our first date. We’ve been together almost 16 years, so it happens for some people.
My prediction: this couple won’t last past their court date, but who knows. These crazy kids may be together forever!

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