No, this isn’t a combination of Game of Thrones and Deadpool, although, that would be pretty rad…
One office boss made up a dead pool for the final season of GOT. The rules are simple: everyone in the office pays $10 to play, then you go down the list of characters still alive, and mark whether you think they’ll live, die, or become a white walker. You get one point for each correct prediction. There are also 3 bonus questions:
Is Daenerys pregnant? (1 extra point)
Who kills the Night King? (2 extra points)
Who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end? (3 extra points)
We have to do this in my office, or maybe as a station contest… the creative juices are flowing now!
I want to add some bonus questions though:
Does Arya finish her list? (1 bonus point) I predict yes, but other people may get to some of her enemies before she does.
Who does Tyrion end up with in the end? (2 bonus points) I love Tyrion. I want to see him settle down and drink wine until it comes out of his nose.
Who kills Cersei? (3 bonus points) Let’s face it, she has to die. She has a new heir, and we need the satisfaction of seeing her die. My prediction: Jamie kills her.
Will Tormund and Brienne FINALLY get together? (4 bonus points) This is the hook-up of the century! It has to happen!

[SPOILERS] My boss made a GoT prediction sheet for all the fans at work. I feel like we are filling them out like people fill out their March madness brackets lol from r/gameofthrones

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