Future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Who Will Outrage the Purists

If you’re one of those people who complains every year that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts people who don’t fit your definition of rock and roll, it’s time to give it up.  I mean, Michael Jackson’s in there.  Tupac, Madonna, ABBA . . . and Dolly Parton’s going in this year.  At this point, it is what it is.

Still, there will ALWAYS be people with the energy to complain.  And here are some of the acts that they might just be complaining about in the coming years, along with the year they become eligible.

1.  Missy Elliott,  2023


2.  Coldplay,  2024


3.  Britney Spears,  2024


4.  Jennifer Lopez,  2025


5.  Justin Timberlake,  2028


6.  Maroon 5,  2028


7.  Kanye West,  2029


8.  Beyoncé,  2029


9.  Taylor Swift,  2032


10.  Adele,  2033


11.  Lady Gaga,  2034


Acts who are already eligible, and could get nominated in the future, include Daft Punk, Outkast, Garth Brooks, the Wu-Tang Clan, Mariah Carey, and Bjork.


(Ultimate Classic Rock)

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