Four Tips to Make Your Holiday Travels Smoother

If you had a rough time traveling for Thanksgiving, hopefully you don’t have to do it all over again this month.  But if you DO, here are four tips to make your holiday travels smoother…


1.  Plan ahead.  If you’re driving, have an alternate route picked out ahead of time in case of bad weather, closures, or other issues.  And if you’re flying, have an idea of what other flights are available in case of long delays or cancellations.


2.  Don’t jam your itinerary.  It can be tempting to try to pack in too much while traveling for the holidays . . . like trying to meet up with all your extended family AND old friends.


3.  Stay hydrated.  It’s important even during colder months.  Staying hydrated helps improve your mood and energy levels.


4.  Rest.  It’s so easy to have your sleep schedule ruined when you’re traveling.  But getting enough rest is vital to keep you functioning at your best.


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