Football by the numbers this weekend Wild Cards

Wildcard Weekend in the NFL and according to the Fighting Tom Brady’s…otherwise known as the New England Patriots are the favorite to win the Super Bowl, with a 31 percent chance of taking home another Lombardi Trophy.

The Vikings 19 percent, Eagles 15 percent and Steelers 14 percent means that one of these 4 teams has a 79 percent chance of winning the Big Game.

But…And the television foofs would like you to forget this part…None of those teams are playing this weekend…Of all the teams playing this weekend their collective 21 percent chance is led by New Orleans at 5 percent…and my Atlanta Falcons at 4 percent.

The Panthers who you can hear on The Fox on Sunday at 3:30 have a 2 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl

If you want to break down the numbers yourself check out:




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