Five Reasons You’re Waking Up Tired

It’s normal to feel groggy right after you wake up.  But you shouldn’t feel exhausted like you need another full night’s rest.  If you do, here are five possible reasons . . .


1.  You have a sedentary lifestyle.  If you sit all day and don’t exercise, your body gets used to it.  So then you’re exhausted when you do ANYTHING.  Experts say to shoot for at least two-and-a-half hours of physical activity a week.


2.  You think seven hours of sleep is enough.  It might be for most people.  But the National Sleep Foundation says some of us really need up to NINE hours a night.  So maybe you’re just a nine-hour person.


3.  Inconsistent sleep.  People think they can stay up late on Friday and Saturday, and make up for it by sleeping in on Sunday.  But it doesn’t really work like that.  You just end up shifting your schedule, almost like giving yourself jet lag.


4.  You’re constantly dehydrated.  Lots of studies have shown it tends to make us feel tired, less alert, and more fatigued.


5.  The person you sleep with is keeping you up.  If they snore, toss-and-turn, or just come to bed later than you do, they could be rousing you in your sleep.  A lot of people’s pets wake them up several times a night too.