F Cancer!

Ryan Reynolds has traded in his blood-red Deadpool super suit for a delightfully tasteful “nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea Yeah!!!!  YEAH!!!! Pink Pepto Bismol one. Why? To help F cancer right over?

Our favorite merc with the mouth has teamed up with Omaze to F Cancer so you can help in the fight while getting some awesome Deadpool memorabilia.

You can win signed posters, signed DVDs, or a personalized outgoing voicemail message recorded by Deadpool himself (which I need)  or limited edition custom-made Pepto pink Deadpool suit which is great for any occasion including business meetings, concerts and that wine painting class that your lady gets hammered in and paints a shoe.   It’s also great for love making.

To donate and win cool stuff, go to here.  Well not here.  But here.   It’s all about Omaze and the work they do.

F*ck Cancer, a non-profit organization that provides prevention, early detection, and support to those affected by cancer.  So drop your chalupa and get going.  You know you want to feel the sweet sensation of Pepto Pink leather pants.  Sinner…

Deadpool 2 drops May 18th.   Here’s the latest trailer.  Imagine seeing it in pink.



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