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Even Thanos Shouldn’t Sun His Bum

If you haven’t heard about perineum sunning, thank you for allowing me to ruin your day. I talked about this on Monday’s show… On Oct. 21, Instagram user Metaphysical Meagan wrote that she had incorporated “sunning my bum and & yoni into her daily rising routine,” Benefits of catching some rays in that area, according to Metaphysical Meagan, include deeper sleep, better focus, an amplified auric field (whatever that is), reduced leakage of life force energy, and bringing “prana or solar energy from the sun into the organs within the body which strengthens the organs.” This sounds completely normal right, which is presumably why Josh Brolin decided to give it a try. But after seeing the results for himself, he was less than delighted. Maybe it’s better if you hear it from Brolin…

So there you go… do not sun your bum. Thanos says so.

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