Krispy Kreme has shut down the side hustle of an enterprising college student who was smuggling the delicious donuts across state lines.
Minnesota doesn’t have any Krispy Kreme locations. So every weekend, 21-year-old Jayson Gonzalez would drive 270 miles to a Krispy Kreme store in Iowa and load up his car, re-selling the donuts to Twin Cities residents for about $20 a box – and sometimes as much as $100.
But Krispy Kreme wasn’t having it. After Gonzalez’ operation was featured in the local newspaper, the North Carolina-based company reached out and told him he had to shut down his donut ring due to liability issues.
Gonzalez told his customers on Facebook that he “figured it would come eventually”.
This is so sad. Those poor people. Living without Krispy Kreme? That’s not fair… Who wants to bet that a few Krispy Kremes will pop up in Minnesota real soon?


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