Don’t do it…You could get stabbed.

Whether it’s a book, movie or as above Doctor Who…Nobody likes people that give away the ending…Or Spoilers.

How far would you go to avoid spoilers?  For this scientist, it’s apparently a matter of life and death.

Sergey Savitsky, a Russian researcher stationed in Antarctica, is accused of stabbing his colleague with a kitchen knife.  

The reason? He wouldn’t stop spoiling the endings of books that Savitsky was reading.

The victim was flown to Chile for hospitalization and is expected to survive.  

This is reportedly the first time anyone has ever been charged with attempted murder in Antarctica.

Both men had spent the last four years at a remote Antarctic research station before the stabbing.

I think if I had to spend 4 years with somebody in Antartica I might just have to stab them books or no.



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