Don’t be a menace down in the club FBI man! (Update)…He has his gun back

Original Post:

Sooooo….If you’re an FBI agent

Don’t go dancing in a bar.

If you insist on going dancing in a bar…Ok…don’t do a backflip.

Ok…so you did the backflip and look you did it with your loaded gun tucked in your pants.

You might drop it…yup you did…Well then don’t try to pick it up because you might…Oh…Ok…Yeah…And of course there is video…der.



Chase Bishop is facing a felony second-degree assault charge but a judge o.k’d him getting back his service revolver until his trial.


Bishop will not face additional charges as the results of his alcohol and drug tests do not support any.


It appears to have just been an unfortunate accident


The man he shot,  Tom Reddington, didn’t oppose him getting the firearm back and neither did prosecutors.





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