Doggie See, Doggie Do

I thought I was crazy, but apparently I’m not. Well, maybe I am, but not about this… 

If you own a dog, you may sometimes think that he takes on some of your characteristics. Guess what? He or she just might.
Stephanie Liff is a veterinarian with Pure Paws Veterinary care. She reminds dog owners that “Dogs are very observant and will witness and take in more visual and auditory stimulus than their humans may notice.”
Liff adds this interesting nugget. “Because of the vigilant nature of dogs, they are likely to pick up some habits they are witnessing regularly from their human.”
Dogs may talk like you, sleep like you and get hungry when you do. The may even express affection the same way you do. I believe this…

My dog Dart wakes up to my alarm clock and will hop on me and lick my face to wake me up. Before the alarm sounds, he’s sound asleep and doesn’t move. Charlize has to have a pillow on the arm side of the couch like I do; we look like bookends propped up on the pillows on either side of the couch. I’m pretty sure she wears my clothes when I’m gone too… 



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