Seriously…There are pig wings?

Yep and they may be coming to your “Big Game” Party (btw the NFL is stupid for being weird about the phrase Super Bowl)

In the latest “innovation” in food marketing you should be on the lookout for pig wings.

Currently around 7 million pounds of these imaginary pig wings sell annually, but with pork prices down look for your sports bar or breast and hot pants themed restaurant to be selling them to you and probably covered in “wing sauce”

Other places will be offering them for delivery with your pizza, and I look forward to the McRib being renamed the Pig Wing Sandwich.

Now that our society has no more rules about wings some suggestions:

hamburger = cow wing

french fry = potato wing

pizza = dough wing

funnel cake = also dough wing so admittedly kind of confusing

sushi – rice wing or fish wing

From now on just wing it.