If you’re trying to shed weight, visiting the State Fair is probably the worst place to go, especially as each year and each location tries to outdo itself with deep-fried delights. I like deep fried Oreos personally. And giant corn dogs. Oh, and the fried mushrooms… anyone else drooling? Just me? OK…
The North Carolina State Fair just released its 2019 menu, which has been described as a dietician’s nightmare.
Ever eat a piece of red velvet funnel cake topped with cheese and enchilada sauces? Or how about a jalapeño pepper stuffed with cheese and brisket served on a stick? They have both.
Forget using an ordinary bun for your fried chicken breast sandwich. One vendor is serving the dish with cinnamon buns instead, adding pepper jack cheese and crispy bacon.
Locally, the SC State Fair starts in one week, and our food sounds just as caloric…
Here are the new food options for 2019:

Chili Mac Attack Sundae: A bowl of macaroni and cheese covered in ground beef and jalapeños. Enjoy a Chili Mac Attack Sundae that starts with mac and cheese on top of yummy french fries, topped with delicious chili and jalapeños. Located at DeAnna’s Concessions.

Double Dog Corndog:Two corndogs in a tray with one cut open to reveal two hot dogs inside. Daley’s will delight us double-wide corndogs with two dogs in one tasty treat!!

Bop’s Kettle Corn: Fresh crafted Kettle Corn, a sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn. It was traditionally made in cast iron kettles. Found in Heritage Village.

Poppin’ Gourmet Burger: This new menu item features gourmet burger patties layered with pepper jack cheese and topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun. This burger can be found at Carousel Foods.

Birthday Cake Funnel Cake: This drool-worthy anniversary treat will feature a funnel cake with icing and rainbow sprinkles.

The 150th anniversary South Carolina State Fair runs Oct. 9-20 at the fairgrounds on Rosewood Drive and George Rogers Boulevard.

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