Before I start this I want to own up to the fact that once upon a time as I was trying to get my radio career off the ground I did indeed work in the mall.  The store was called Cutlery World and we had anything with a blade.

Straight razors, butterfly knives and yes replica swords, battle axes and Crocodile Dundee knives and I sold a lot of them.  So first off if I sold you one of these…I’m sorry I took your money but apparently I needed it more than you.

Now onto this Michigan man that had no date.  He was sitting at home watching Rick and Morty (I’m going to hazard a guess that there was a bong and some chicken nuggets too. 

WOOD TV8 in Michigan has the story

If you want to see his personal story on the assault.

On Wednesday, 36-year-old Ben Ball was at home playing video games when an ex-boyfriend of his former roommate showed up.  

Believing the man had a gun, Ball grabbed the ax and swung it into the man’s torso as they battled inside the apartment. 

The man finally fled (Sir Robin bravely ran away) and police have charged him with first-degree home invasion.

Ball owns several replicas of Viking-style weapons and says he participates in “events where people compete in ritualized combat” (see Society of Creative Anachronism…Fun actually if you don’t mind occasionally getting whacked with a stick in the shape of a sword) when he’s not working his day job at Applebee’s.