Daryl Hall Was Asked to Join Van Halen When David Lee Roth Left?

A lot of people were upset when they found out that Sammy Hagar was replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen.  But I wonder how much worse the reaction would have been if THIS happened:


Daryl Hall, you know, the blonde guy from  Hall & Oates, claims Eddie Van Halen asked HIM to replace Dave.


Not long after Dave left, Eddie and his then-wife Valerie Bertinelli came to a Hall & Oates show.  And after the show, Eddie allegedly popped the question.


Daryl says, quote, “Eddie said, ‘Do you wanna join Van Halen, man?’  He was half joking, but I think he was serious.  I really do believe he was serious.


“And I took it seriously.  I went, ‘Meh, I think not.  I think I’ve got my own [stuff] going on.'”

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